Rent Any Time

For the convenience of new customers, we offer a list of units you can rent when our office is closed. This list is located in the left window of our office. The instructions below cover how to rent these units.

How To Rent Units When Office Is Closed

  1. Pick the unit you want based on size and/or price from the AVAILABLE UNITS list to find location of units.
  2. There is a black mail box on to the left of our office door. Look inside and select the rental agreement.
  3. Fill out the rental agreement and sign it. Include your email address.
  4. Drop your rental agreement in the drop slot located at the bottom of the office door with your payment.


  • Your first months rent will be pro-rated according to when you rented your unit. The remainder of your payment will be credited to the second month’s rent. YOU MUST PAY, NO LESS THAN ONE (1) MONTHS RENT.
  • If you are renting on or after the 20th of the month, please add a PRO-RATED AMOUNT for the second month with your first months rent.

Monthly Rate is divided by the number of days in the month, then multiplied by the remaining days. For example:

  • Rent on your unit is $35.00, there are 31 days in this month
  • $35.00 divided by 31 = $1.13 per day
  • Today is the 24th of the month (8 days are left in this month)
  • $1.13 X 8 = $9.04
  • Pay this amount $35.00 (second month) + $9.04 (first month)
  • YOU PAY $44.04

Make Payments To: Southtowne Mini Warehouses