We conduct unit auctions which are scheduled each month to sell the contents of rented units that have become delinquent due to non-payment. These scheduled auctions are listed in our local newspaper “The Gadsden Times” on Sundays.


Our next Auction is scheduled for: *PLEASE CHECK THE SUNDAY EDITION OF “THE GADSDEN TIMES” or Call our office at 256-442-1951, Monday – Friday between 8:oo AM – 4:oo PM.


These units are being sold due to non-payment to cover any monies due, the tenant has until 4:00 PM the day before the scheduled auction to pay the total balance. You may want to call our office the morning of the Auction after 8:30 AM to find out if the auction is still going to be conducted (Wednesday we may have 9 units to auction, but by Thursday AM, it may be down to two or three or even zero).

  • Payment- We do not accept checks on our auction sales. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Cash (Must be correct change).
  • Registration- You are required to register before our auction. NO tenant nor any family member may bid on their own property or family members property (doing so will ban you from auctions with us forever).
  • Bidding- We give every registered bidder time to look inside the units up for auction, prior to the beginning of the bidding (without entering the unit or moving anything around). Once this is completed, the bidding begins & the highest bid wins everything in the unit (the winning bidder must then provide their own lock to secure their property).
  • Completion of Sale- Winning bidder is required to pay @ the office before removing anything from the unit. A PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED @ time of payment. The winning bidder has until the next Sunday PM to remove all items from the unit & clean the unit. Failure to remove and/clean the unit will result in the¬†banning from other auctions. Failure to be out by this time & still occupy the unit Monday AM will result in the bidder being required to pay the normal rent for the unit @ a non-prorated rate.
  • Our Guarantee- The disposal at our auctions, of the property is in accordance with the Code of Alabama